A Year in the life of...

posted 29 Apr 2012, 06:27 by George Taylor
Well, the year is nearly over and i think it is time for an update. I have been thinking of what has been happening in my life since my last update (and yes it will be a bit of a ramble through my brain again)

I can't say it has been a spectacular year, but then again it hasn't been a bad one either.

Let me see if i can remember everything that has happened to my in the past year.

Well, the year started with me and neil in mcluskies night club, was quite a good night even if as per usual i did drink a bit much. I had been going out drinking a bit much at that point anyway, december had been a bit depressing, it was my first full year single, and being single, with 

not that many close friends around for my birthday and then for christmas was very depressing, i think that was why i went out so often, ok i do like the music and i do like dancing, but most of the time i went out by myself, it was about that sort of time that i gave up on the online dating, most of the girls i had gone out with were ok, but i seemed to attract a couple of wierd ones and decided i needed to spend some more time sorting myself out instead of getting into a relationship.

The first few months of this year not a lot really happened, i went skiing with some friends, and had a great time especially since it was the first time i had been skiing in 7-8 years. Unfortuantly i did come back from that on crutches, only a small injury, but wasn't really the way i wanted the holiday to end. Not to much was happening at work, i spent a bit of time on the <a href="http://www.seesaw.com">seesaw project</a> which was interesting and i knew a lot of people there. March saw me move over to channel4, and i have to say the start of the project was really interesting, and i had another good TA to work with. not really going to say much about the work, it was interesting even if it did have it's pitfalls, but a nice group of people to work with again. and we did launch a few sites on the framework we built for them (ok this is the bit where you look at the sites and say, ohhhh wow they are great :) (4 Beauty 4 News (my favourite) 4 food t4 we were meant to launch one more before the end of the year, but that got delayed and will be out in the new year.)

Other than work not a lot was happening in my life, i finally finished the front room which i was REAL glad to get completed and it really does look good now. I stopped my running, after the ski accident my leg just wasn't feeling right. I did start going to the gym, but for some reason i started to pile the weight on again (ok, i know my diet has never been great)

I can't remember when jim moved in, sometime at the beginning of the year, it was nice to have the 2 guys in the house, ok sometimes there might have only been one of us there, a lot of the time we spent apart in the house, but they were good companions, and the game nights were a good laugh (i just watched, couldn't get the hang of those first person shooters).

I was trying to spend a lot more time looking after myself, unfortunatly as those people that really know me, i am quite lazy at times, so my regimented going to the gym might end up being going 1 or 2 nights a week (always easy to find an excuse) 

In my "doing things for me" i decided to go diving in egypt, another thing i hadn't done for ages, was a bit strange going on holiday by myself, but the diving was more than amazing and i got my advanced open water while i was there, even came home with a tan.

Most of the rest of the year was pretty much the same, I did go to the guildfest music fetival with some friends, and that was a REALLY good day, saw ub40, ndubz, alvin stardust, mungo jerry and human league along with a lot of good new artists. really looking forward to next years festival. Other than that it was more of work, i was going out by myself quite a bit still, and yes i know it is probably a bit strange, but i have met some nice people there. I do still find it a bit strange that i can walk near the bar and a couple of the barmaids will get my drink even if there is a queue :) i do like preferential treatment. I think i might be becomming a bit of a regular ;) and for those that know i go, no i don't go there to pick up girls (ok i won't say no if i did) it is more to be around people than anything, sometimes being a 40 year old chubby, shy guy is not that great and it is nice to go somewhere where i don't have to care, and can enjoy myself.

Ummm, what else has happened, liz went back to new zealand with colin and the girls, and even though i didn't see them that often while they were here, i do miss them, but strangly enough i have talked to liz a lot more often since she went back to new zealand, ok only on skype, but it is still good to be able to. I know liz and carol would agree, i am not the best brother, i never really did call them as often as i should have, and now that liz isn't here i know i should be there for carol and jarrad more, and i don't really have any excuses why i am not other than that i am really crap at keeping in touch with people, my friends will probably agree whole heartedly with that statement.

I tried to organise a couple of events this year, the first was a paint ball day, ok that one was short notice and i did manage to get a few people interested but trying to get it organised was near impossible and i gave up in the end. I will have to try again next year as i have vouchers for 24 people to play (just a heads up that i will be trying to get a game going ;) ) the second event was the halloween party, which was meant to be a house party for me, neil and jim, unfortunatly neil forgot that that was his anniversary, so none of his friends would be coming, the turn out was a bit dismal, me and stuart did manage to raise some money by dressing in drag, and yes the pictures were BAD, real bad!!! I was sooooo glad to be able to get out of those boots, but it was all for a good cause, just a shame that not many people came along.

That is about all that has happened to me this year, coming up to december i was starting to think it would be the same as last year, but surprisingly enough it wasn't. I went to see <a href="http://www.thewaroftheworlds.com/default.aspx">Jeff Waynes War of the Worlds</a> for my birthday which was amazing after listening to the soundtrack for the past 30 odd years, and was really surprised to see all the birthday wishes on facebook, really made my day.

I started seeing a personal trainer in november, and even though i don't notice to much weight loss, i am seeing my strength and fitness increasing a lot, and am actually starting to see some definition come back into my muscles (ok, only a bit but it is there) I am continuing with the gym a lot more than i used to, having a bigger programme and a lot more choices of workouts has made a huge difference to the experience of going to the gym, hopefully i will keep it up next year when my personal trainer sessions finish as i am really seeing the benifits of it now.

I started back on the dating scene at the end of november, and i have to say it was quite slow going but i did meet someone that was nice, we were seeing quite a bit of each other for a little while and it was nice to have some company and go out on dates with her. I don't know what it is with being in a relationship that never seems to work properly for me, she was nice, very attractive, but i don't know, i just felt there was something missing when we talked, sometimes there were those uncomfortable silences. I had to tell her it was over today, made me feel like a real bastard but i do know if it doesn't feel right, then it probably isn't. I spent 3 days trying to figure out how to tell her that it was over. I know terrible isn't it, i didn't want to hurt her feelings but in the end i had to let her know how i felt. I thought it would make me feel a bit better knowing that i had actually got it out of the way, but it hasn't. I am relived i have done it, just feel really bad.

Well, that is my year as it has been so far, plans for the rest of the year, not a lot really, going to the gym, got a few things to do around the house, and yes new years eve will be in the same place as last year, hopefully it will be a good night, i know it will probably be a drunken one.

Well, that's it, you can stop reading now. hope you have had a good xmas, and will have a good new year.