Another year bites the dust

posted 29 Apr 2012, 06:31 by George Taylor
I can't believe it has been nearly a year since my last entry, I suppose that shows how busy the year has been.

sitting here now it is hard to think on everything that has happened so as per usual this is probably going to be a bit disjointed.

Well, the year started well, I went skiing with the same group as last year, and on schedule i hurt my leg, unfortunatly this was on the first day of skiing, it wasn't as bad as last year i could still ski, but it hurt like hell so didn't make for a great week. It didn't help that they year started unseasonably warm so the snow was all slushy, and there were a lot of ice patches. 

Not to much really happened for a while after that, after having a bit of a bad relationship over the christmas period i decided to take a break from dating for a little while and just went though the motions. Work was pretty boring at that time, I was still working on projects for channel 4 and it was getting a bit slow.

In march i finally decided to get my hearing tested, If you have ever been out with me and had me have to get you to repeat yourself, you will know that my hearing hasn't been that good for ages, the hearing test only confirmed that i had a problem hearing higher pitches, the good thing was that hearing aids are not as cumbersome and bulky as they used to be, I know have a nice pair that sometimes you can't even tell i am wearing, and with the blue tooth adapter it means i can stream music straight into my ears ;) ok, i don't do that much these days as i have a good headset, but the hearing aids made a HUGE difference, especially when i went out in crowded places, ok i won't say my hearing is perfect now, but it did make a big difference to my life, now i can actually hear what people are saying when i am out.

In march i changed projects and went back onto a disney project (you know how much i loved them ;) ) The project was good and again i got to travel over to florida on a regular basis. Most of the team were new to me, but i did have 2 guys on the team that i had worked with on a previous project, and as per usual i was left to do things my way which is the best thing for me. I enjoyed that, even the travelling was good. I do like florida,  ok sometimes the holiday mode that people are in over there is a bit tedious, but the work was good, the weather was great and i wasn't really that stressed (well not always) I had a team i could trust to get the work done so i wasn't to worried about having to do it all myself to keep on schedule. The biggest problem on that project tended to be disney's disorganisation, but i was used to that from the previous project i worked on for them, so pretty much took it in my stride.

during that period, i dated on and off, never really finding anyone to settle down with. I did meet some nice girls, some i liked more than others, but unfortunately nothing came out of it.

In may an colleague from a company that i worked for 10 or so years ago approached me to come work for him. I went to see him so i could see what was happening (this wasn't the first time i had been to see him). The company and what it does impressed me a lot, it was a good idea, great market and the job sounded good. I wasn't looking to leave ioko as i did enjoy it most of the time, but when i got the offer it was hard to refuse, and i thought the change would be good for me. I did have to give 3 months notice which was hard, but you know me, even though i was leaving ioko, I still put in 100% I had made some good friends there, and i am glad to say i am still in contact with a few of them. I can't really remember much of what happened during that 3 months, it was a really busy period for me with travelling to florida. I know i neglected a lot, the house i kind of left with jim to look after it while i was away. The yard was left to fester :(

Jim moved out in june leaving me with the house to myself, which was a bit strange at first, but again i did quite enjoy the quite, not that i had really been here that much. As per usual since i was still very single i was going out quite a bit, but since i was in florida so much i now had 2 regular haunts, 1 in kingston and 1 in florida, It does surprise me how easy it is to become a "regular" at a place, even if you don't live in the country ;)

August seemed to arrive far to quickly, I finished up at ioko and spent the next week doing training to get my full bike licence, that was quite fun even though it was full on. On the thursday morning i went to do both parts of my test, and was REALLY pleased to be told at the end of it that i had passed, I then drove over to jim's to pick him up and head up to wales for the big chill music festival. Arriving there at about 8pm to then setup a tent i had never ever tried to do before was a lot of fun, luckily some of the other guys that were in the group were regulars to camping and helped me put it up. The 3 day festival was amazing, lots of great music, some really good memories, ok the camping bit wasn't as much fun having to walk down to the communal toilets to wash every morning, and even with the air beds it wasn't as comfortable as i would have liked, but i did have a great time, and was sad when it was over, but glad to get home to my bed, I think i crashed as soon as i got home, which is good because the next day i was starting the new job and wasn't really sure what to expect.

The last 4 months have really been a bit of a blur, work has been really busy, so much to do and so much to learn. I have always thought of myself as a competent developer, but now i am a senior director and have a lot more responsibility. The main project team i am working with were so far behind schedule and hadn't even thought about how the backend would work so I had to implement a lot of changes and i don't think some of them liked that, I know they blamed some of the project delays on me and my team, but seriously i don't know how they expected to get to where they are today without us. there have been some political arguments between the teams and even though i have been in the middle of some of them i have been trying to stay out of them as i think they are petty and unproductive.

One of jim's friends mike moved in in september, he is only here 3 days a week which is quite good as i still have the place to myself but the extra money is nice to have :) I would say it is nice to have someone there to chat to at times like it was with jim and neil, but I can't pretty much since he moved in i haven't been getting in till quite late. Some weeks i don't even see him.

Work has been really hard of late, but that is because we are coming up to finishing releasing the main product that i have been working on. 

In the last 2 weeks i have doubled the size of my team which has helped out a lot. Language city the project i have been working on is launching next week (while i am away) It is my biggest worry, i would have preferred to be there when i launched, but i am pretty sure that everything is in place, I know it won't stop me worrying about it while i am on holiday, but i have a good team, and i am sure they will be able to do everything that is needed.

Well, today is my birthday so happy birthday to me. I am going to spend it sorting the house in preperation for me to not be here for 5 weeks. I am flying out to new zealand with a 1 hour stop over in korea. I am really looking forward to the holiday as it is the first real holiday that i have had this year.

I haven't made much plans for the holiday. Me, my sister carol and nephew jarrad are flying out together and staying with my sister south of auckland. I know i am going to see my mum while i am there as she will be over for christmas. I am going diving 1 day, taking my nephew jarrad so he can go snorkling. I am trying to get in touch with some friends in new zealand to see if i can catch up with them as it has been ages. On the 28th I fly over to australia for new years in sydney. Even though i lived in australia for ages, i never did manage to do new years in sydney. After that i am going up to the gold coast to stay with sue for a couple of weeks and catch up with old friends there. So many people to see and so little time, I will also spend a lot of time relaxing and do some sightseeing. The trip home i am going to seoul for 2 days, carol and jarrad arrive about 1/2 hour after i arrive there and i will be showing them around which should be amusing as i haven't been there, but will get a good guide book before i go.

Well, that is my year, really haven't done to much, next year I hope to be able to report more change :)

If i don't see you before the new year, have a VERY merry christmas and a happy new years.